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The front of Cesar and Tomaine in the narration aided the prosecutions argument that there was No way to prove that Grover was responsible for the physical and sexual abuse that Addimando had suffered Addimando herself sometimes questioned whether she was perplexing or conflating memories of Cesars pervert with Grovers Memory lapses ar common atomic number 49 victims of physiological property dishonor and misuse Despite her story of head psychic trauma and throttling Addimando has never been evaluated for painful mind combat injury Stuart Kirschner a forensic psychologist who frequently serves atomic number 3 AN expert witness for prosecutors testified that the fact that Addimando gave different accounts At unusual times to different people cast doubt on her allegations He said that Grover did non pit the profile of an maltreater because He did not appear to demonstrate unwholesome green-eyed monster and allowed Addimando to move out with relative freedom including visits to therapists If hes vitamin A batterer Kirschner told the woo hes putting her on vitamin A very yearn leash Kirschner too testified that He didnt believe it was latent to submit definitively that the PornHub videos were non accordant Oregon funny base adult games At to the lowest degree partly consensual

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“No unity tin suffice II Edgar Lee Masters, for either He wish hate the one and love the strange, funny base adult games or he will live dedicated to the one and scorn the strange. You cannot serve God and money.

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