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Two of the four games were played between players with No explicit position difference. One of these games was the “ no information game”: participants played without knowing the senior status of their opponents. The second game was the “ peer-to-peer game”: participants were informed that they were playacting the game with Associate in Nursing opponent whose seniority was congruent to their possess, although the opponent’s identity was concealed. In the other two games, we assessed participants’ deportmen when position differences were well-known. In one of the II games (“ quarter year game”), we au fait a participant atomic number 49 their fourth year that they were playacting the pun with AN opponent atomic number 49 age 1–3. The fourth twelvemonth player was non informed of the particular seniority level of his high tea party games for adults opponent, merely knew that the opponent was of lour position. The participant in years 1–3 was informed that their opponent was a fourth twelvemonth. In the strange game (“ first year game”), we informed a player indium their first year that they were playing the game with an opponent In age 2–4. The number 1 year player was not informed of the particular senior status level of his opponent, just knew that the opponent was elder. The participant in old age 2–4 was hip to that his opponent was a first yr. Before for each one game commenced, AN experimenter publically proclaimed which bet on was nigh to be played. Therefore, totally participants were witting which groups were playacting against one other in apiece game. Everyone played the Saame game at the same time (Fig. 1), and therefore the order atomic number 49 which the games were played was the Saami for all participants: no information, quarter yr, first year, peer-to-peer.

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